Gigturbo simplifies recruiting.

Find, qualify and hire the right workers through the community.

Reduce costs and streamline registration through gigturbo’s worker acquisition targeting.

Become an approved partner to offer jobs, blend datasets and improve efficiency with access to the work support platform API’s.

Recommendation engine API

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User Persona API

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Support bot API

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Semantic API

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Why gigturbo?

Matchmaking people & gigs

Specify key criteria and target locations you need. Gigturbo has access to hundreds of cities and countries across the globe.

Hyper target geographies by zip code to pinpoint the people to reach out to based on their location and assets.

Cost effective hiring

Gigturbo's work acquisition platform goes far beyond just helping to sign people up. GT's worker support tools provide a number of benefit optimizers and value-add services to make the most of their time and efforts.

Alongside seamless integration into platforms, technology partners benefit from powerful campaign insights surrounding hiring costs, conversions, and the average amount saved.

Keeping workers happy

Gigturbo’s work support platform identifies and targets people based on their lifestyle and life-stage.

The matchmaking process uses more than +100 signals and attributessuch as location, language, personal preferences and sentiment analysis to offer openings to the right candidates that fit the gig.

Preferred partner network

Gigturbo supports leading platforms across the gig economy to keep workers happy, drive leads and provide data insights in any industry.

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